Shaswau Howell - FAAAM Founder

Shaswau Howell

FOUNDER & president

Pronounced ‘shuh-swah’, known to most as “Shea,” honed her prowess within Chicago agencies, marketing to the African American consumer market. With a Masters in Integrated Marketing Communications and undergraduate degrees in graphic design and marketing, she continues to develop and implement omnichannel multicultural campaigns. Now after 20 years of working with multi-billion dollar brands she’s founded FAAAM - The Federation of African American Advertisers & Marketers. FAAAM is a champion for the inclusive and authentic representation of African Americans within the industry and creative. With practical tools and resources, FAAAM will offer insight into the complex consumer segment who’s image takes a hit each time a brand misfires. Shea’s committed to lending her knowledge and voice to inspire and uplift the culture through the transformational influence of marketing.