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Yandex Advertising Director

Establishment of an announcement

Create a campaign in the outgoing menu Create a campaign Pick up the ads. Please note that only one application can be advertised in the ad panel. Indicate the reference to the annex

In the field, the reference to the application at the store is a reference to the application at the Apple Mall (AppStore or Google Play) that you want to advertise. The reference to the annex cannot be changed after the announcement is maintained.

Add the heading and the text of the announcement, specify the trailer reference additionally in the announcement, a track reference which will link the announcement clips to the annex installations may be added. Upon the addition of a track reference, when sufficient plant statistics are available, you will be able to build strategies for the " average price of attachment " and " Maximal number of units of the annex " . Check additional parameters

Once you point out the reference to the annex, the Dreekt will download the tag store, price, rating, number of evaluations and technical characteristics. Take off the relevant flasks on the extra block so you don't show them in the ad. Details of additional parameters.

Load the image.

You can add to the proclamation of a public image (with a side ratio of 16:9). Default images are included for all Default announcements in the Network and external networks. The rate for the announcement should be higher than 3 roubles (values for other currencies). Meet the imaging moderation requirements.

Set age limits

Don't forget to specify the correct age limits.

Note. An advertisement can also be created and edited by API Yandex. Director, Direkt.Commander, XLS/XLSX or CSV files.

Additional parameters


The end of the declaration shall be in accordance with the requirements of the state. If the icon does not meet the requirements, the announcement will be displayed without an icon. Savings may be proportionally reduced according to Advertising structures block (up to 16 pickles on any side).


The advertisement is rounded to 0.5. For example, if your Annex 4.3 rating is 4.5, and if 4.2, then 4.

Please note that the system receives data for the country listed in the reference parameters. If there is no indication in the parameters of the reference, the data will be downloaded for the default country, Russia.

Action button and price

If you added the price, it'll be on the button (e.g.). The user will be shown the price in the currency of the country in which it is located. If a price for the country has not been obtained when downloading the data from the application store, the button will be shown without price. Depending on the format of the advertising unit, an action button may be displayed without price at a given location.

When updating any information on the annex at the application store, the announcement will be updated automatically within 24 hours without further action by the advertiser.

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