Настройка Яндекс. Директ

The Yandex Is The Contextual Ad

The design of the Yandex-Direct is intuitive and understandable, and if you wish, you can easily do it on your own.
If you've decided to set up an ad campaign in Yandex Dirk, pay attention to such important points:

Show regions. If you offer goods or services in the city, but not in the region, turn off the regional announcements.

Minus. If such words are contained in the key user request, your announcement will not be shown to the user. Write all the words, like "free," your hands, etc.

Keywords, the cost of which is very high - delete immediately from advertising company♪ At the beginning, when the price of transition is high for you, it is pointless to show high-competitive requests, which will only lead to a rapid budget.

Follow the announcements and if the CTR (the ratio of adverts to advertisements) is below 5 per cent, edit or delete the announcement.

Don't let the budget complicate. Wait for 1,000 crossings and check for conversions (bells or orders from the site). It is then possible to adjust the site structure if necessary to improve conversion.

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