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Yandex. The Directive is the leading system for the localization of the context advertising on Yandex and the Yandex River Network, and the daily Yandex audience is over 5 million users.

Context advertising principle

What does a potential buyer of furniture do? That's right, he's going to the furniture store. Contex ads are a store that goes to the buyer. Every time the user is looking for the sale of furniture in Yandex, we show him a pre-prepared Yandex. Advertising. So we can sell all the goods and services, from cutting dogs to sophisticated equipment. An example (this is funny and sad at the same time) of the Yandex commercials, see the picture below.


To set up publicity campaigns in Yandex. Derek.

  • A careful selection of key queries describing the client ' s business (a map above is a clear example of how advertising cannot be done);
  • Every time users search for these products in the Yandex, we show them ads;
  • A potential buyer moves to the site and makes a deal.


  • Minimum cost of transition - 30 copies
  • Calculations shall be carried out in the ear (1 u = 30 roubles).
  • Payment takes place on clips (transfers) to advertisements
  • The announcements to the show are selected on the basis of auction
  • Pledges don't write off money.

Details of discounts Yandex Direkt (LAUGHS)

Advertising on Yandex

There's every chance we've had in 30 minutes since the launch of the advertising campaign to take positions at the cash machine and scream the Free Cash! Compare this to the months spent on SEO-promotion, which usually ends with "Where's my money?"

The River ' s management now has the opportunity to always be aware of the business(s) and competitors, to have a real impact on both its own and on the sale of competitors.

Financial transparency, you always know what money is spent on. Even if the advertising agency has something to hide, in your power, check the value of any click on any request any day.

Low cost Yandex. Direction is a cost-effective and efficient way to the wallet of potential clients. Customer attraction can even be a little money.

Simple decisions based on common sense. The Advertebra is the perfect means of communication. It is easier to communicate with their clients in the " here and now " format. Tell me about all the advantages of your product, report on the stocks, " spill the dirt " of the proclamation of competitors and other " global evil " .

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