Installment Of The Advertising Company Yandex Price Management

The thematic area is the site of the Yandex Reference Network or the external network, where announcements are made according to its content or user-friendly.

For advertisers who have decided not to separate advertising for search and topical purposes, the Adrect provides for a range of advertising. It is important that the best designs are default, but if necessary they can be changed.

For example:

  • Determine the level of expenditure

    Expenditures are reported as a percentage of total campaign expenditure. 0 per cent means the complete deactivation of the indicator on the thematic areas. 100 per cent means that the entire campaign budget can be spent on thematic sites.

    You're not asking for the exact level of expenditure, but the value the system will seek. In general, for 7 days, actual costs do not exceed a specified level of expenditure by more than 10 per cent. I mean, if a weekly campaign budget of 100,000 roubles is allocated 70 per cent of all costs to cover the crossings from the thematic areas, in most cases the actual costs will not exceed 77,000 roubles per week.

  • Make the maximum price for clicks.

    The maximum price for moving from the thematic areas is set as a percentage of the maximum price of the search click. Note that the maximum price for prospecting will be limited only if you choose a manual strategy or limit the maximum price of the click under the automatic strategy (the " Weekly budget: maximum conversion " , " Average conversion price " , " Average return of investments " , " Weekly Click Package " ).

  • Maintain the price of the click below the average price of the click

    Price limitation is possible only if you choose a manually managed rate management strategy ( " Best available position " , " Minimum price bloc " or " Searchable " ).

    The price of the click is kept separate for each announcement group in your campaign. Not the price of one click, but the average price of clicks a week. If the advertising group does not know the price of prospecting (detection tests are off or there have not been clicks), then the value of the click on the thematic sites is used to limit the price of the clicks.

  • Remove user preferences
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