оплата рекламных кампаний

How To Pay For The Advertising Company

Specify the amount of the payment.

  • If you're going to pay for advertising as a natural person by means of a payment code (available at our partners' offices, through payment terminals and ATMs, etc.), go through the reference. Pay the cash campaign
  • If you're going to pay for the campaign any other way - for example, through a bank card, the online Yandex service. Money or WebMoney or as a legal person, press the button to write the bill.

Director supports a few ways of paying, one of which you can always choose.

Individuals may pay advertising in the following ways:

Electronic payments are credited within 15 minutes.

When paid through a bank or Internet banking, advertising shows begin as soon as the payment is made to the Yandex account. The start-up time in this case depends on the work of a particular bank.

Only cash is available for legal persons. The accounting records (accounts, invoices and acts) will be sent to you by the Russian post office and by scheduled mail as documents are drafted. Besides, you'll be able to print a facsimile and signature account from the interface. Details on the design documents can be read in the document section.

  • When registering the payer, the legal person must indicate the correct e-mail address and the address for the delivery of correspondence: the documents will be automatically sent.
  • When you complete the address, you'll start putting the name of the settlement. With a few letters, select the appropriate version from the list. The remaining fields of address will be available.

Payment may be made on payment orders (in the bank ' s office or through the banking system) or by means of a bank card issued to the legal person.

Advertisements start as soon as the payment comes to the Yandex account. Pay records are checked every three hours by the online receipt system, and usually showtime.

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