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Establishment and construction of an advertising campaign, as well as the choice of a strategy in Yandex Directe - Part 2

Hello, esteemed blog readers. In the first article, Yandex Direkt, the basis for a successful promotional campaign, we have examined in detail the advantages and disadvantages of this system in the context of advertising (as against Google Adworths), considered possible locations and their differences, and discussed in detail the preparations for the promotion campaign. We have also raised the issue of enhancing the effectiveness of the Advertising Campaign in Derek and the important role of the CTR in this difficult case.

In fact, in the first part, we have set up a solid theoretical basis that we will need in moving to the practice we will take from this article. If you haven't met the first publication yet, you won't be able to use it because I'm not going to go back. Today, we'll look into the details of all the designs of the Dreekt that you're being asked to do when you're building a publicity campaign in this system. contextual advertising

Let's start, of course, with the ad campaign. Before that, according to the first article, we conducted preparatory work, including segmenting our potential target audience on geography, product type, etc. Without pre-preparation, starting with Yandex Direct would be unwise and probably not effective.

However, it would be possible to begin by simply studying the system ' s interface and its capacity to raise the level of education, and to apply the knowledge gained later (in future articles may be reverting to the issue of preparatory work).

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