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Composition Of The Advertising Company

Hello. I'm offering a publicity campaign service. Yandex Director♪ It includes the following steps:

* Initial advertising campaign

♪ Compiling a list of keywords, you're throwing me a website and approximate requests. Indicate the desired region. Next, I'm manually selecting words for you and making a list of words.

♪ Each word is a unique advertisement (headline plus text) - here's two options: or I'm doing everything on an excel machine, or I'm writing it manually. The second option is supplemental.

♪ With the help of the commander's director, all announcements are posted, and they're on their way.

The value of such services depends on the amount of time spent. On average, 150-200 announcements will cost 500 roubles (with automatic headline and text). Handwriting supplement - 4 roubles per square.

The advertising campaign is 1-2 days.

Next, I'd like to take care of your promotional campaign, which involves the elimination of ineffective key words (largely absorption, small CTR) and the use of words that offer a good conversion. Cost is 500 roubles/month.

In addition, I'm moving a campaign from the Yandex director to the Google Adworths. The value is individual and depends on the number of keys. You can talk to me in the street.

Since I can't give the feedback (and the painted screams are talking about a little bit), I'm suggesting three forums with a good reputation to perform the task of withdrawal.

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