Настройка контекстной рекламы

Advertising Company In The Yandex Director

Establishment of an account

Let's go to the front and press the announcement button.

After a little registration, the system will suggest you choose an interface, easy or professional. Choose a professional interface, then we go to the ad campaign.

Advertising campaign

Let's give the campaign name and your name. We shall proceed to the installation of notifications. To this end, we press the " Building " button opposite the " Notification " line. Select notifications by e-mail or by text.

After that, the system suggests that we build a temporary staggering. You can set the time for the announcements to be accurate to one hour. In general, most companies contact customers via telephone and only during working hours. So start your advertising campaign so that the announcement schedule matches the schedule of your staff, not broadcasts 24 hours a day.

Next, building regions to show your announcements will make your campaign more effective. Thus, only users whose IP addresses correspond to the region chosen, as well as those who chose the region to build the portal, can see your announcements.

By selecting the regions, pressing the “K" and moving to the next stage of the advertising campaign.

Speak key words

Let's go to wordstat to find the most popular requests for your work. You can look for what you say or for certain regions. Having received the list of requests, make the most appropriate key words for yourself and move to the next stage, the creation of announcements.

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