Яндекс. Директ – преподнесет

Advertisement To The Yandex Director

Yandex. Derek.

Advertising in Dreekta is effective because it is seen by users who are already searching for information on the Internet about the products or services of the advertiser, i.e. potential customers.

How does it work?

The user searches for your goods or services online:

Sees in response your contextual announcement:

Turns to your website or virtual card to get details and order:

Cost of accommodation

The minimum advertising budget is 300 roubles, the minimum value of one advert is 30 copies. The budget and price of transition is determined by the advertiser himself. The higher the price of the click, the higher the position of the announcement, and consequently the higher the turns on it.

Yandex.Direct's benefits

  • Indicators for interested users,
  • Reimbursement only,
  • self-determining of the budget and the price of the transition,
  • Real-time change,
  • free Virtual card for advertisers without a website,
  • Choice the position of the announcement,
  • Choice of region and time of presentation
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