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Advertise In The Yandex Director

We are questioned periodically: " What is this strange surge in my statistics? " Most of the timelines are due to natural causes. But even if it's about fraudulent traffic, there's nothing to worry about. The director filters fake, or fodder sticks. So they don't screw up the station statistics and there's nothing worth advertising.

In this article, we answer questions about how the system of multi-tier protection against the Frod in Direqta has been established and how it evolves through new examples of the climatic. And in the next posts, we'll talk about other technologies that make advertising good. For example, automatic inspection of the visibility of banners.

What a phrod
Frodom calls a variety of forms of information technology fraud, so we'll start with the terms. Diarrect's anti-fraud system filters three main types of non-quality traffic:

1. Sclick (clickphrod) is a click to spend the advertising budget. The possibility of such fraud raises most questions and concerns.

It is estimated that in the roll, the slice accounts for between 10 and 30 per cent of the traffic. Our numbers are usually held in an area of 20%. That figure should read, "any fifth click is pretending to be real." And the point of "20% of the commercial traffic was a forgery" is not quite straightforward. In reality, the fraudulent traffic is cut off without affecting advertising statistics and budgets.

2. It's a scrubbing of the show. For example, to ruin the CTR by competitors. Like counterfeit clips, fake performances are not counted by the system.

3. Repeat and random evidence. When looking at the announcement, the user often makes several clicks at the head, card, quick reference. I'm sure you know that in this case, the adorator should only pay for one ad shift. To track the others, " repeat " , is a serious challenge for the anti-fraud system. Still, the evidence is random, when a man accidentally pressed the wrong link and immediately closed the page. Repeat and random clips filter most, although they are not fraud.

In the first two cases, it is a malicious man. They can be different: some squeeze other people's advertisements manually, and others use robots, programmes that automatically cross references and pretend to be human. The director's successfully fighting both.

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