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Trucked Ads On Price

Some of the boards on the marketing in Connect. As I said in the previous article, the cost of transition depends on competition and the CTR of the announcement. Accordingly, one of the tasks is to write an announcement that the user would want to click.

Before we begin to describe the receptions, it must be said that the content of the announcements is very strict. It severely restricts advertising. Thus, users cannot be referred to “you”, although in some niche it is more natural than “you”. The age of the announcement cannot be stated: " You are 25? " The use of " estetically unacceptable images " , erotics, shocking pictures, etc. The announcement must be in line with the Russian literary language, i.e. writing something in a specific slang (probably in the language of your target audience) is unlikely. In short, the whole spectrum of techniques that usually use copyrights for the writing of chaining texts is inaccessible in the Connect. But something can still be used. So, here's a few tabloid ads.

Council One - your announcement should be exactly in the target audience: the more accurate it is, the more the CTR will be. It is best to build thematic communities and competition communities. It's just that they're not engaged.

Council 2 - the declaration should necessarily contain a chain heading, a picture reflecting the substance of the communication and a text that shows the benefits of the target audience in addressing its problem. I recommend that we be very specific and not water. A large number of advertisements have been disrupted on the Internet, and many have developed “filters” that you need to try. Abstract texts have long been ignored. Compare the two options: " Early receipt of credit, the most advantageous terms " or " 300,000 roubles in 15 minutes, without bail and sponsorship " . In the first case, no one is interested in “water”, in the second, several benefits presented in specific figures. Same with discounts: one case to write " 15 per cent " and another, " 1,500 roubles " . The second option is much stronger.

The Council of the Third, under an advert, has a reference to " Watch all announcements " . When you're looking at her, you can see all the announcements targeting you. There could be a hundred of them. Look at the competition ad, there are always good options that can be adapted to your project.

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