Таргетированная реклама

Price Tip

The 5th Alliance advertising agency offers contextual announcements on the Connect site, which has a high attendance rate of over 40 million unique users per month. Thanks to this huge number of visitors, your announcement will have a significant review (number of indicators). The announcement is issued to your target audience on the left:

There are two ways of paying advertising:

CPC (Cost per click) - payment for the shifts made by users of the Connect. The cost of transition depends on the focus chosen.

You will be able to predetermine the required number of crossings. Then your advertisement will be free of charge, and you will be paid only to move to your assigned amount. This gives you, on the one hand, an excellent opportunity to plan and control the advertising budget, and on the other, allows for free advertising, for example, the introduction of your trademark into consumer consciousness.

CPM (Cost per mille) Pay for a thousand billboards. Value also depends on the focus chosen.

In addition, the posting of the " Ontact " advertisements provides opportunities for the management of the advertising campaign, which is not accessible in other channels of advertising:

To display only its target audience selected from all members of the network on certain sociodemographic or behavioural characteristics as well as geographical location (more than 20 targeting lines);

- to know exactly the planned number of visitors to your website, which will allow for the forecasting of sales and the preparation of an increased number of orders in advance.

To achieve the declared results of advertising The campaigns on the Internet are as follows:

- assistance in creating an advertisement for you (text/graph);

Choose, on your instructions, a target group of potential clients to demonstrate their advertising or offer their criteria for consumer selection based on available experience and statistical information;

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