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биржа 300x195 Биржа ВК обзор биржи рекламы вконтакте на свежую голову.Good day, everyone! Since the beginning of November The exchange is on.I'm almost asked every day about her. But I didn't write about her on purpose. I just wanted to feel all the functions, to see her efficiency and effectiveness, and then to talk about it. That is why I called this review “for fresh head”.

So, what can you really do with the exchange and how? How did the introduction of the exchange affect the internal policy of the social network and what can be expected of it? All the answers in this article!

Long-term community administrators, advertisers and " simple deaths " waited for the emergence of a legendary post exchange at the " Connect " , and with its appearance there were disputes about the future of the service. Let's see together how this legendary exchange looks and works.

2013 12 12 165719 Биржа ВК обзор биржи рекламы вконтакте на свежую голову.What you need to know about the exchange is the owner of the community.

There's a single post we've set up (there's a certain cost, based on coverage, number of subscribers and other factors, but there's a hundred roubles, at least 100 grand). At the same time, Ontact charges a 45 per cent commission plus VAT. I mean, if we put a price in 1,000 roubles, the advertiser will pay more than 2,000 roubles for the post.
2013 12 12 170725 Биржа ВК обзор биржи рекламы вконтакте на свежую голову. In fact, the cost of accommodation is cheap, especially for some communities (see coverage and prices yourself)

Under the conditions of accommodation, everything is also, as is the case in informal agreements with the Admins: advertising should be in the first place for one hour, then 24 hours in the tape. It's nice to break these conditions.

In addition, the " Birth of Advertisement " could indicate the community ' s themes and write a comment for the advertiser. The comment will be available to everyone on the list of sites.

You can see the coverage of one of the community's records.

What you need to know about the exchange for advertising.

If you want. location We're going to the advertising office where everyone and everyone already have a section.Community declarations" .

2013 12 12 233125 Биржа ВК обзор биржи рекламы вконтакте на свежую голову. 2013 12 12 233258 Биржа ВК обзор биржи рекламы вконтакте на свежую голову. 2013 12 12 233548 Биржа ВК обзор биржи рекламы вконтакте на свежую голову. 2013 12 12 232513 Биржа ВК обзор биржи рекламы вконтакте на свежую голову.

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