Как убрать рекламу в

Decide To Clear

Рассмотрим обычный ненавязчивый вид рекламы.The ads have become too many these days. It's everywhere on TV, on radio, public transport, and not just. There's an obsession on the Internet, about it a little lower, and it's just a commercial without annoying banner jumping and nasty sounds. How do you get rid of her? Let's see some of the most popular ways.

To get rid of it, we need to set up an expansion in your browser. Adblock Plus.

Google Chrome, let's go into the right upper corner of the building, and we'll pick a paragraph of the additional instruments of Extensification in the open window at the bottom of the page, and we'll press another expansion. Next in the search line is the adblock. Choose the right and press the button.

Once installed, we go to Vk.COM and press the button and the ad.

The same is done for the right upper corner, press the pictogram of the constructions and move to the Supplement, enter the search line Adblock and supplement. After installation, we're updating the BC page, and we're happy to have no advertising.

For a browser, Opera is producing similar manipulations: we are built, then loaded with extensions. In the search line, we write the Adblock and the supplement that has been found. After it's installed, press and get rid of the ad.

2. Now we'll figure out the type of ad that really annoys its obsession. Windows from all sides, disguised by messages from one of your friends. Or ads for all the magical drugs. In order to fight these kinds of ads, you need to look carefully at the expansion of your browser. If you see that you didn't set them up, then with a calm soul, we'll take them off.

For Mozilla Firefox - we're going as described above in the menu with expansions and we're off unnecessary. When we've all turned off the browser on the BC button page, and we've seen the annoying banners don't catch up.

Opera, in construction, select the Enlargement Meneger and disable unnecessary or suspicious expansion. We're updating the VK.com page and enjoying the lack of advertising.

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