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Broadcast Band Advertisements

Two weeks ago, the Contact launched a closed testing of community advertising exchanges. The test was attended by selected advertisers and some group owners. From now on, advertising has become available to all advertisers through the office--

The Declaration is posted by community administrators as a routine update. Under the terms of the advertisement, there must be one first place within one hour, then 24 hours in the tape.

The commercial format is unique to the market. The advertisements are placed in the updating of the communities to which users have signed. No advertisements are made, but they must comply with the accommodation rules. In contrast to FB, where user-sized advertisements in the tape, the Connectacta only works at the community level, possibly providing more media advertising. Something like this has never been able to curb Livejournal.com in its time. The market for such advertising has been in place since 2011 and has long required the introduction of rules of practice.

Pavel Dorov mentioned in one comment that community advertisements would also serve as advertisements for mobile devices.

The Commission in Contact is calculated from the price nominated by the Community Administrator - 45 per cent + NCA. The prices on the top floors can be seen on the screen. Pay attention to the community at 65,000 roubles per location.

As in the case of a traded advertisement, the Contact does not plan to close access to external advertising tools in communities. The role of support services is to provide additional management, automation and reporting tools for large clients.

In fact, the sharing of advertising revenues with community administrators is a unique approach. VK.com is likely to be the largest (only youtube.com) service with UGC and the possibility of coinciding for authors.

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