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Advertisement In The Contact Group

сотрудничество между группамиThere should be many subscribers in the group for positive effects;
We'll have to come up with a prize for winners.

3. Cooperation with other groups.

If you're friends with the thematic group administrator, you can exchange advertising posts. It'll be useful to both you and the other group.

Basic rules for the selection of a partner:

  • It is important that such a group be active;
  • The lack of publicity by the partner community is unacceptable;
  • Of course, work with thematic groups, i.e. similar publications;
With the right choice of a partner, the number of subscribers in your group will increase markedly; There are often non-quality groups; Groups with a large number of subscribers are needed for the desired effect, and cooperation with such groups can result in serious monetary costs;

ссылка+на+группу+в+смайлике4. Spam.

So far, spam is a poor way and requires a lot of time and patience. It's just that you're looking for a group of similar topics and if comments, discussions, walls are open, you're spreading a reference to your community:

You can write messages to different users requesting an interesting group, but you risk being frozen for spams. So try to write to the target audience (who will be interested in your group) and formulate a lucid proposal, otherwise the user will mark your message as spams.

пример приглашения в группу5. The group's websites.

Many websites have a form of comment from the Wkontact, which allows comments on their page.

This comment greatly increases the interest of visitors to the site. Thematic sites and commentaries could be found, leaving reference to their group.

  • This is a very effective way, one day a week, and visit the thematic sites to leave a reference to the group in the comments.
You can get free subscribers, spend a little time at all; New comments are outdated by old ones;
The author of the site may purify comments with references;

6. Attention.

Конкурсы в группеMaybe someone in this way may seem ineffective, but I assure you, they actually use many SMM specialists.

The point is that it is necessary to put a page under the group, i.e. that when visiting your account, the user should see the group information (usually) Advertising group be placed on the wall.

It is then necessary to draw up a profile of the target audience (who will be interested in your community) and in any way to find user data.

Now we're gonna get their attention.

  • The best way is to put a track on the user's avatar. So he'll visit your page (especially if your avatar has a beautiful mulac) and possibly interested in the group;
A safe option for involving new participants in the group; It will be necessary to draw up a list of potential subscribers;

More detailed information on the progress of the Wontact Groups and the earnings on them, you can find out about the Money Day. Income from 100,000 roubles a month.

And for those who want active and thematic participants right now, I have prepared information on the subscriptions to the group.

List of subscriptions

From time to time, I run experiments where community service plays.

Most of them get subscriptions to the group, so in a recent experiment, I've selected a dozen of the most popular services that can make that order.

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