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Advertisement In Communities

Так выглядит рекламная запись1.1. Establishment of an advertisement
1.2. Community recording
1.3. Advertising records management
1.4. Advertising campaign statistics
2. Community Administrators
2.1. Community engagement
2.2. Advertising records work
2.3. Withdrawal of funds received

This section will help you to learn more about the advertising system in the communities of the Connectetta that are connected to the advertising exchange. The section will be expanded and supplemented.

There are many popular communities in the Connect. Their publications are read by a large number of people. With help Advertising exchanges You can negotiate with the administration of the communities you like to have your advertisements.
The established statistical system will enable you to identify the advertising in which community will be most effective.Сообщества, участвующие в бирже The broad choice of communities of different thematic focus presented on the exchange will enable you to select a suitable audience. And most importantly, by placing the publicity record in the community, you can be sure that it will be read. The advertisements are not marked, so they cannot be filtered by advertising blockers and will initially be read by users on an equal footing with the usual information notes in the community.
Systemic restrictions guarantee that your news will be devoted to the attention of the visitors and subscribers of this community. The payment will be written off from you only if the advertisement is in the community for more than 24 hours. Within the first hour of your publicity in the community, there will be no more technical publication, so your message will be in the most prominent place.
Combinating people in certain interests. Generally, the main purpose of the user ' s entry into the community is to read news reports issued by the community ' s leadership.Статистика, доступная рекламодателю Among these publications, we invite you to post your promotional records.

Publication (new, record, post)
A message posted on the wall of the Community in Connectatha by its leaders on behalf of the community. Such records are not just visible on the wall of the community, they also come on the news tapes of all subscribers, and all users can share them as they wish (implementation) Publicationsreposts): post copies of these messages on their pages or in their respective communities.

Users in the Contact signed into the community and reading its publications in their news tape (depending on the plots they have set up). The number of subscribers is an important characteristic of the community, but should not be overestimated. A more accurate assessment of the popularity of community publications provides information on its coverage.

Number of users who saw an object on the website.

Community coverage
Number of users surveying at least one recording or reprinting of the Community ' s records during the specified time period. The user is considered to be " covered " when the record was read to them in full: fell from the beginning to the end on his screen. The notes may be read from the front page and community walls or obtained under the News.

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