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On 13 July, an advertisement for the Holm was published on YouTube-Canale MegaFon, in which the communication problems of the inhabitants of the submarine town of Serpukhov were addressed through the installation of a cell tower. Two weeks later, a resident of Serpuchova and journalist Vladimir Zykov checked the environs of the hill and said that there was no sign of the castle.


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The MegaFona role describes the local Serpukhov visibility of the Sobor (or Red) Mountain, which is also called " cholma " . For a long time, the hill was the only place in the city where a steady cellular signal could be captured, the authors claimed the video.

MegaFon played a famous hill in advertising, telling me how his story changed after the new cellar in Serpuhova. In the video, this design was displayed against the background of the Tower.

Didn't take a cell phone. I mean, there was a connection in one place. But one day everything changed, and the hill was empty.


The newspaper journalist Vladimir Zykov travelled in his home town on 28 July and examined the hill in search of a view from which an excavation could be seen. As it turns out, she's not visible from any point of the Warehouse.

I know a great Package, and I can say with certainty that you can't see a stitch. Yesterday, after the rain, I went looking for this place. I almost fell a few times. How much. But I never found a place.

As I realized, the video was made from the crane, the view was from the Serpice Bridge. I might be wrong. To try to repeat this, you either have to use a quadrocopter, and I've got a broken one, or climb a very high tree. I didn't climb the tree, because my corn skills went through childhood after falling off the roof of a child's town at the top of the second floor. And then, it's not the fact that the leaves on the tree are gonna make that picture. There's no third option. I've come to the conclusion that on the left of the assembly, the excavation and a couple of houses are foams.

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