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Types Of Printed Advertising

According to the International Declaration, the main means of commercial advertising are:

  • Publicity;
  • Print advertising;
  • Audio-visual advertising;
  • Broadcasting;
  • Television advertising;
  • Advertising souvenirs;
  • External advertising;
  • Internet Relama;
  • Exhibits and fairs (PR);
  • Postal advertising (direct-mark).

Press report includes various promotional materials published in the periodic press.

Two major groups can be identified:

  • advertisements;
  • various publications of a review and policy nature.

It's only a television drop in the press.

The following are basic dignity:

  • Accessibility;
  • Wider coverage;
  • cheaper than television;
  • High selectivity;
  • Speed;
  • It could be repeated.

Printing - an advertisement designed exclusively for visual perception, is widely used in various business meetings, presentations, fairs and exhibitions. This is:

  • Catalogue - booked or intermittent, containing a systematic list of large quantities of goods, usually illustrated by photographs of the goods;
  • Prospect is a book that is booked or intermittent, informs of the particular product or group of goods or, in general, the firm;
  • The booklet is a non-scheduled and non-scheduled, and multiple or one-time, fabricated printed publication. There may be different sizes and variants, but the size of the straw shall not exceed the size of the standard printing sheet;
  • poster;
  • A leaflet.

Audiovisual advertising - This means a fairly large audience and is very operational. The most effective results of this tool are in advertising services or goods of mass demand.


  • Radio;
  • Radio announcement - information read out by the dictator;
  • Broadcasting (reviews, interviews).


  • Extensive coverage;
  • cheaper than television advertising;
  • The possibility of radio broadcasting;
  • Less obsession than television advertising;
  • Low selectivity;
  • a small opportunity to address target audiences.
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