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Types Of Improper Advertising

The declaration in which violations of its content, time, place, mode of dissemination established by law are permitted is inadequate. The Act contains a non-exhaustive list of types of improper advertising and its signs.

Incorrect advertising is an advertisement that discredits persons who do not use advertised goods; contains incorrect comparisons of the advertised product to other persons; promotes honour, dignity, business reputation of competitors; misuses the trust of individuals or lacks experience, knowledge, etc.

Advertising is not credible, where there is misrepresentation of the various characteristics, characteristics, quality of the goods; market availability; delivery opportunities, security repairs, etc.

Non-ethical advertising is an advertisement containing any kind of information that violates generally accepted standards of humanity and morality by using offensive words, comparisons, images of race, nationality, profession, social category, age group, sex, language, religious, philosophical, political and other opinion of natural persons. An unethical advertisement will destroy arts that comprise national or global cultural heritage; State or religious symbols; national currency.

A false advertisement is a way in which an advertiser (reinventor, advertiser) intentionally misleads the customers.

The hidden advertising is an advertisement that has an unconscious effect on the consumer ' s perception. Such information may be available in transfers, publications that are not officially advertised. The concealed advertisement may be distributed through the use of special form (two sound recordings) and other means.

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