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Types Of Advertising Companies

The advertising campaign is a set of actions to promote and promote certain goods, services or companies.

Advertising on the Internet has several advantages:

  • Interactive communication with potential consumers.
  • The ability to make rapid changes.
  • Many tools to analyse the effectiveness of the campaign.
  • The price of the campaign is comparatively low, with its high efficiency.
  • Broad possibilities of marketing advertisements, i.e. the rate of a certain audience according to age, sex, location, search requests and other characteristics.

Advertising campaigns on the Internet can be classified according to different parameters: target, location, intensity, etc.

Types of advertising campaigns

Advertising campaigns can be subdivided by images, products and trade. Image advertising campaigns are designed to create and maintain positive publicity company imagegrowth in brand recognition. The coverage of such a campaign should be maximum and frequency high. The results of this type of publicity campaign will be visible only over a long time and will appear in the knowledge of brands and advertising products.

Product advertising campaigns are intended to inform the audience of the existence of a product, to make it more loyal and demand-driven. They do not encourage consumers to purchase directly, but inform them of the quality and advantages of the product. This type of advertising campaign is intended for a wide audience.

In turn, commercial advertising campaigns specifically target the sale of goods or services. They are intended for a narrower audience of potential consumers. Such a campaign often involves specific trade proposals indicating price, place of sale and special conditions. The effectiveness of the commercial advertising campaign can be judged by changing sales volumes.

Реклама шампуня с помощью Google AdWords.

Types of local advertising

Prospecting, contextual advertising, banner advertising and mailing can be identified depending on the location and mode of advertising.

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