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Types And Characteristics Of Advertising

Advertising media - is a material or intangible means or a combination of them, which serves as a tool for disseminating an advertisement and contributes to the necessary promotional effect. Advertising is one of the most important components of advertising, as the accuracy of advertising, its quality and performance depends to a large extent on the efficiency of advertising.

The term includes a wide range of different possibilities for advertising from advertising to advertising. The means of advertising are different from the media. Advertising can be both an advertiser, but advertising is not a means of advertising (e.g. magazines are advertisers and magazine advertisements are advertisements). The advertising tool thus contains both advertising and non-reckless elements. Advertising elements include the content and form of advertising; non-real is the material and technical media of advertisements or the advertiser itself (the means of advertising). Advertising means any means of dissemination or channels of transmission. Media advertisements are creating a market for advertising.

In advertising practice, a large number of advertising tools have been successfully used, but each has its specific characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, has an impact on different audiences, and can ensure, under other equal conditions, different advertising efficiency. In order to achieve certain objectives, the advertiser selects a means of advertising or a combination thereof that meets the requirements as much as possible.

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