Однако некоторые нестандартные

Non-Standard Advertising



(1) Advertising mirror

Advertising mirrors are an advertisement with slide shows and have slide shows, running lines and video reclames on the built-in TFT monitor. The ads in the mirror are new advertising technologies in a global consumption age for the target audience of successful, rich and educated.

There are also commercial mirrors where, apart from the slide complex plus the running line, there is an intact liquid crystal monitor with a digital audio-visual system to show presentations, any other video relays and just films.

Slides shall be illuminated instantly and alternately in such a way that at a single time only one slide is projected on the surface of the commercial mirror. However, a large part of the mirror plane remains free and performs the basic function of the mirror.

(2) Advertising benches

Main Advertising benefits benches are modern and bright designs, the relatively low cost of accommodation and the absolute novel of the product. It should be noted that the benches do not only commercial but also social functions. They are intended both for the improvement of urban space and for the equipment of public transport waiting points.

The concept of advertising benches covered the most vibrant areas of the city: tourist areas, pedestrian areas of the central streets, areas adjacent to the metro stations and public transport, parks, etc.

(3) MGA Interactive

The MGA Interactive is based on a projector providing a sex image. The special tracking system responds to people in and around the screen and immediately changes images using multiple programmatic effects. MGA Interactive platforms are located in commercial and recreational centres.

This advertisement, MGA Interactive, is the only host to date to enable the clerk to interact online with the promotional information, becoming part of it and moving into the air of an advertisement. Based on the characteristics of the host, the viewer sees MGA Interactive as entertainment, not as an obscure ad, from here, only positive emotions towards the mediator and what's on it.

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