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The picture from the Coca-Cola. At the American headquarters of one of the world ' s largest brands, the details reported an incident with a map of Russia that was portrayed by Crimea. But our diplomats demand more.

I remember, in her social media ad, the Coca-Cola first used a map of the Federation without Crimea, and somehow without Kaliningrad and Kuril. And a few days later, if you're sorry, I've done it.

After which, finally confused, the ad was removed. Details of the scandal at our correspondents in Washington, Moscow and Kiev.

In Washington, the scandal went to a new level, the U.S. State Department, where the Ukrainian embassy was complained of at the Coca-Cola. Molly, the American company, which means, should not act in a disconnect with the position of the United States Government.

Father's diplomats also asked the Vice-President of the Coca-Cola himself for official explanations and apology.

"Technically, they are not subject to American sanctions. At the same time, they run counter to global policy, international law and United States policy. What's the reaction of the Ukrainian public?

Asked, it is worth buying the products of companies that support the violation of international law and military aggression against another country, said Jaroslav Brisyuk, Minister Counsellor of the Embassy of Ukraine in the United States.

I spoke to the press service of the company's main office in Atlanta today. There was an official investigation. They apologize for the incident. And they say it's a local publicity agency that runs their social media page, changes without asking for their consent or permission.

What does this situation look like from Moscow, Daniel?

Yes, Dima, the Russian copy of the Coca-Cola office was drawing twice. At first, an American company had transformed the territory of the State without an annexed Crimea.

In addition to the Ukrainian peninsula, two regions were also absent. Kaliningrad oblast and some sushi in the far east. It's about the Kuril Islands.

The disturbed public has made a scandal. The beverage producer was crying to apologize.

They changed the map. However, the territory of the Kaliningrad region, according to this image, suddenly surpassed the area of the Ukrainian peninsula.

No further comments were made at the Moscow office. As long as there's a formal reason, a few more days of official holidays. But that's what they say later?

And the Ukrainian MFA today says the incident is almost over. Mistakes corrected. Thank the Ukrainian users of the social media.

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