Реклама из 90-ых

1990S Video

reklama_90x_godovThe 1990s Declaration: How advertisements were created and on which the scenario is based. Examples and descriptions of known Snickers and Stimorole videos. Where to watch the ad on the early '90s online.

The Father's Advertisement of the 1990s is a unique socio-psychological phenomenon. In these years, new mass (consumer) concepts of world thinking have been developed. The old advertising of the '90s is a distinct reflection of our perceptions of the “progress West”.

Karen Shahnazarov was a good catcher of change. In his "Kurière" 1986, the leading heroin of Katyusha is a young girl on the hysterical front, on the question you're dreaming of, "I dream of being very beautiful to like all men. And... I also want to ride a beautiful sports car so I can have a long gal scarf on me, and on the seat next to me, a tape recorder and a little dog. That's fair.

The fundamental deformation of value-added guidelines was carried out in the advertising of the 1990s, which whole families were looking at. There is a new image of a confident individual who knows what he wants. Now we can watch the ads of the '90s online, analyze it and remember the best.

The first advertisements were made in the form of news tapes, a typical reception of Soviet " pirates " . But in the new, old advertising of the '90s, it already sounds a different sound row, it's markedly hyperbolyzed: the advents and intimidations are used.

One of the most striking examples is the advent of the sea ridge, where the voice behind the frame is positioning the product as a valuable Soviet delicate, which in the future may disappear from shops.

Dry advertising in the 1990s, whose video was, in part, straightened, also shows lively slots.

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