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Transport Declarations Of Catherineburg


Advertisements on board trams in Catherineburg

Transport declarations are a great price-efficiency ratio.

The ads on the side of transport (transmitting advertising) do have a unique price and efficiency ratio.
The cost of renting 1 square metres of commercial space in transport is significantly lower than, for example, the shield has 3x6 metres. In addition, such advertising has a number of advantages.

Before you go!

Customer: Realter Company TEM

Manufacture: complete printing + paint of TIKURILA


The ads on the side of the tram are:

  • Large advertising area
  • Probability of long-term advertising companies
  • Large and bright images that are well visible to a large number of potential consumers
  • In accordance with the sketch of the image, the state of the surface of transport and the conditions of operation, the use or combination of a technology shall be determined.

This value includes: the lease of commercial surfaces for the specified period, the manufacture of TIKKURILA paints (in the case of a full-coloured display on the maquita adds value at 690 p/km. The value also includes the labelling and repainting of the image if it is damaged throughout the lease.


(if painted)2,000 rubles.
Full-coloured image elements (cm)600 roubles.

The ad inside the salon is:

  • Calculation of a large flow of public transport passengers.
  • Rapid manufacture and accommodation
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