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Transport Declarations

Transport advertising costs

The Transport Advertisement today is one of the most convenient, dynamic and advantageous ways of advertising. It covers almost all parts of the city, attracts attention from motorists, pedestrians and passengers. And that's it. Type of advertising is considered the best price, quality and contact with the target audience.

Why do you need commercials in transport?

The outlet of this type of advertisement is visible at first sight. It will enable you to find new clients in a cost-effective and efficient manner, as well as guarantee the brand. Also, transport advertising, unlike television and radio, does not annoy the passenger. It can be called " borehole medicine " during a long road or waiting for its transport.

How are the value parameters calculated?

The value of advertising in transport is calculated individually for each client and depends on many parameters:

  • Advertising area (from 1, 6 to 50 square metres);
  • Number of surfaces;
  • Location time (2 weeks);

What is the standard package?

The cost of the service is as follows:

  • advertising;
  • rental;
  • mounting;
  • dismantling;
  • A photo report.
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