Реклама на транспорте

Transport Advertising

This section provides a description of the transit advertising, or transport advertising (Transit Advertising), information on the means of advertising, their designation, functions and characteristics, and detailed descriptions and images of the measurement.

Transit advertising or transport advertising (Transit Advertising) is textual, graphical or other visual information of an advertising nature that is located inside or outside of vehicles, as well as on special fixed or temporary structures located in and around transport infrastructure. Provides a channel for the delivery of advertising with a predominantly low selectivity affecting different types of audience. Extensive coverage, mobility, relatively high exposure.

Advertisement in transport is subject to contracts with owners of vehicles or with persons with property rights on vehicles. In doing so, the advertiser tends to engage not directly with vehicle owners, but with the contracting agencies of the trans-shipment industry, which have special rights to specific advertisements or obligations on the part of the proprietors. Operators also maintain and dispose of promotional materials.

It should be noted that the transit advertising segment, which is located directly on vehicles, uses a somewhat more complex approach than in the advertising industry as a whole to the administration of public institutions. Place external advertising Not only is the federal law " On advertising " , but also individual decrees of regional and municipal authorities. Traffic safety restrictions on advertising in vehicles are determined by authorized authorities responsible for controlling traffic safety.

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