Реклама на транспорте

Transport Ads Are

Transport declarations - it's a modern and diverse way of moving. Today, advertisements can be made on board virtually every vehicle, a vehicle, a tram, trolleybus, a bus, trains, a plane, and even a launcher.

Each transport has its advertising format requirements as defined by the means itself. Thus, " tramways as compared to trolleybuses have a smaller length and do not cross the center of the city... On average, tram commercials are cheaper than trolleybus. The advert surfaces of the tram are slightly more trolleybuses. In addition, due to the specificity of the rail movement, even in the bad weather, the tram commercial retains an initial appearance, which is important in the inter-season context. Compared to other vehicles, the tram is moving slowly, allowing for a more detailed view of the advertisement on its side. "

It may also be added that if trolleybuses and buses are usually driven into cars and not visible due to other vehicles, the " defiling " of their " subjumum " , as well as the " light " intersections, when all other transport costs and looks at them. In many European cities, the main streets, old and narrow, are driven exclusively by trams. They're moving silently on the tracks in a specially cut-off blade in a bridge.

Trolleybuses, most of them, cross the city in radical ways, seizing the centre and remote areas. This transport can cover large areas.

Buses, unlike trolleybuses and trams that do not have connections to electrical connections, are routed in a variety of ways. Usually, buses allow local advertising to be decided. ♪ ♪

The number and quality of the audience within transport is determined by the route by which it is moving and by its class. For example, passengers in the 1st-grade wagon are definitely higher than the 3rd-class passengers. The bus may be " pensionary " , " working " , " fixing " , etc. In some trams, more people travel, less in others. Also in the subway on different branches, different passenger traffic.

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