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Transport advertising is an effective way to speed up a new product or service among potential consumers, as urban streets always focus on pedestrians, drivers and passengers. Advertising images and text can be used in any mode of transport, using a self-propelled record that prints the necessary text or image.

Flower buses, trolleybuses and high-profile commercials on board have become common. Through its mobility in the city, one such moving advertising facility can replace several fixed boards that will be located along the road. Consequently, a large buyer is covered. Urban advertising is therefore widely used to promote brand, product or service.

Corporate transport declarations

Individual entrepreneurs and companies may, according to the regulations, produce their own advertising information on the surface of their vehicle. The big plus in this case is that there is no need to pay in the city car for renting advertising space: transport advertising prices Pretty tall. You can get a car in a business style. This will not only be an additional advertisement for modest funds, but also a positive image of the enterprise among potential buyers.

Public transport declarations

Public transport advertising covers all areas of the city, including metropolitan areas. The subway has traditionally provided a large number of promotion sites. This may involve not only the interior of stations, platforms and escalators, but also train wagons themselves.

Advertisements on motor vehicles, especially on freight transport, significantly extend the distribution of advertising, as such vehicles usually move not only in one city but also to other locations. Thus, only one advertising facility is capable of reaching a large purchasing audience within a short period of time.

became an integral attribute of the northern capital of Russia. Through its mobility and dynamics, it can influence more consumers per unit of time, without age, education, wealth and other constraints.

When needed Transport advertising

If necessary. ♪ ♪

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