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Реклама на бортах автомобиля

Corporate transport is an excellent tool for posting information and advertising: no rent, and efficiency is higher than a board ad.
The undeniable advantage of advertising in transport is that such ads are not lost in the crowd.

Vehicle branding means two ways:
1. Full-coloured public printing on film is used in the manufacture of photos. The image shall be printed on the basis of a self-destructive vinyl film with the authorization of 720 dpi-1440 dpi. To protect the image, it is possible to laminate the image - a transparent film.
2. Plotter cutting - used in the manufacture of film applisions. For colored images, you can stick around a few layers.

Реклама на авто In most cases, a combination of two methods is used.

We are ready to offer you:

High qualityuse only high-quality materials Mimaki JV-33 high-quality rival films The work is done by experienced staff. Short deadlines: standard 2-3 days of order. Available prices, flexible discount system Integrated approach: All hands Design-make design construction of images Vehicle occupancy Harmonization of authorization documents Job security

Branding of machines in KrasnodarTransport advertising) allows for the expansion of your potential clients. Such a car always holds eyes.

Your logos, trade stamps, emblems, advertising images - all this information can be attributed to a car, a bus or a building machine that will drive around the city.

24-hour promotion of your company, goods or services, wide coverage of the Territory, Impact on different target audiences, relatively low advertising costs.
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