Реклама в маршрутках

Public Transport Declarations

We are transforming urban transport into a high-performing advertising platform with creative ideas, bold advertising decisions and a deliberate approach to advertising. If you sell merchandise or provide mass consumption services, and you need to be able to present your business loudly to the target audience, as well as inside the salons, the best solution.

Judge yourself:

  • Tens of thousands to millions of promotional contacts per day: the lowest price of advertising compared to all other advertising
  • Public transport advertisements provide a high audience response: people respond to visible announcements
  • Place Public transport advertising - it's a way to build brand recognition, because trolleybuses, trams and buses that are advertisers attract opinions.
  • We offer only working, effective solutions and creative advertising.
  • The widest coverage of the audience of different groups is indor-relam (e.g. head restraint advertisements in route) for public transport passengers and outdoor advertising for pedestrians and motorists. Various target audiences are thus covered.

The main public service announcements we offer:

  • Classic commercialstrolleybuses, buses and routes: the vehicle is used as the information carrier
  • Branding. The whole surface of the vehicle is used as an advertiser, and there are interesting and funny ideas: how can a bus or trolleybus be presented in a way that advertises your product or service to all its kinds
  • Creative and smart decisions, non-standard approach. Visual graphic techniques create interesting effects that draw attention to: visual deception, optical illusions, site recycling, etc. All this will attract a man's perspective, after which attention is focused on advertised brand. Look at the examples in the Transport Report section - photos
  • Indoor. Call on trolleybusesbuses and trams inside the salon. Among other things, creative ideas could be developed to steer the salon into advertising. A very interesting effect is achieved in ordering an integrated advertisement: external and external. Then a silated outside transport makes a particularly bright impression of a branded salon.
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