Реклама на транспорте Тольятти

Declaration On The Transport Of Samara

Transport and subway declarations


Advertising in the subway provides a significant coverage to the target audience, affecting potential clients for a fairly long time. At the same time, this type of advertisement is unconscious and comfortable.

The subway ads are very effective, both to promote the brands and to bring the necessary information to the audience.

We note that Samara Metro is one line with a length of more than 11 kilometres, with nine stations, eight underground and one ground. It's mostly under the streets of Gagarin and Victory.

Passengers per day are about 53,500. The rolling stock is 46 wagons.

Реклама в метро г.СамараThe Advertising Agency, “Everytha”, is ready to develop for you the most effective promotional campaign in Samara Metro for the best price.

Options for your promotion in the samurai subway car:

The Samara Transport Advertisement, the " Alwaysda " advertising agency, offers public service announcements.

We offer the following types of publicity services in transport in Samara:

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