Реклама на грузовом транспорте

Cargo Declarations

реклама на грузовикеCargo applications are widely disseminated abroad. There are not yet many good examples in Russia of such advertising. Cargo advertisements are an excellent alternative to external advertising, and permanent movements cover a vast audience.

attracts attention to your products, both drivers and pedestrians. The undeniable advantage is the opportunity to be distinguished among the vast flow of machines. The area accessible for branding allows for virtually any size of advertising.

Studies carried out to assess the perception of commercial advertising in transport show that most of this type Advertising positive. A beautiful, creative idea gives people very positive associations.

реклама грузовик

Advertising opportunities

The cargo transport is divided into urban and large trucks. The possible area for boarding of urban trucks ranges from 10 to 20 m2. Large truck branding area - 25-30 m2.

Urban trucks are cheaper and suitable for medium and large companies. Such trucks have the right to enter the centre of the city, thus reaching the audience.

Large truck reaction They'll see people who follow a range or a dacha.


It's good for both sales and simulative advertising.

Methods for advertising in freight transport

Place the commercial. on trucks can be used with a special adhesive tape. This advertisement is placed for a period of 3 months and is worth 30,000 roubles per month. The value of a self-destructive film to a surface of 25 m2 is 25,000 roubles depending on complexity.

The second option of placing a commercial on a cargo transport is an advertisement on a tin design that's wearing a cargo compartment. It's a less long commercial. The value of the tent and mounting fixtures will cost more than the self-destructive film. The area covered will be smaller than the whole body occupier.

реклама транспорт тент

The declarations on transport shall be placed with the consent of the carriers. Frequently, freight transport for branding provides the largest food networks, for example, the Pitt, Magnet, etc. The cost of such trucks ranges from 150,000 roubles in 3 months.

Creative 3D designs can increase the image of truck advertising. This ad doesn't just attract the audience's attention, but it makes a real masterpiece.

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