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Social Nets Value

Perhaps the most popular question that our clients are asking us is, "how much is Wontact, can we have specific prices?" Of course, everyone wants to know how his blood will be spent and what results he will get.

Let us consider how the prices are applied to the SMM at our agency and the cost of the social media.

What do the price of promotion depend on?

We highlight two major factors that affect the cost:

  1. Over. Of course, if you're a local regional business with a very specific product (e.g. residential repair services) you don't need 1,000,000 coverage. Given the specificity of your business, we will offer you the best possible coverage for your budget.
  2. The quality of the audience. One of the main benefits of the social media is the possibility of a clear targeting. We can focus our efforts very precisely. For example, if you sell luxury cars, your audience is probably M, 35-50, top managers and business owners. On the basis of your CA, we will build strategies for progress, which will also affect the prices of subscriptions in social media.


Contact has the largest user audience in the roll. But the quality of this audience is questionable. Purchase of subscribers, “purchase of fairyacunas”, various methods of black promotion are VC. Although the administration of this social network has recently become more concerned about security and control of various methods of manipulation and recruitment. So, what brings together the cost of moving and discharging WC groups and communities, and what is the price order of our agency:

  • Project manager;
  • Designer work;
  • Copyright;
  • Budget for marketing;
  • Monitoring budget;
  • Publicity budget;
  • Budget for special events (competitions, shares).

Total: 25,000 roubles.


Comparing the cost of SMM services on Facebook, the cost of involving a potential subscriber is much higher than in the other social media. It is related to the fact that there are in principle no gray methods of promotion and that a large amount of advertising budgets should be invested to reach your audience. Let's see what makes the SMM jump on the Facebook.

  • Budget for progress;
  • Budget for special events (competitions, shares);
  • A budget for the development of applications and the design of deposits.
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