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Social Net Price Declarations

The traded advertising has two unique advantages:

Social networks cover multi-million-dollar audiences

Possibility of demonstrating information directly to the target audience concerned - targeting

Social networks are located in the top 10 of the most available Internet resources in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and other CIS countries.

The average user of the social network spends more than two hours each day to look at the latest news of his friends, communities and the annexes. It means that, every day, at least two hours, he's in the middle of the social media! Not even knowing it.

Using social media advertisements, users ' groups can work on parameters such as

  • interests (music, cinema, travel, handmade),
  • Age
  • Geography,
  • Social status (student, place of work).
  • 20-35-year-old woman, Moscow;
  • Active Internet user;
  • Makes up to half of all purchases of children ' s goods via the Internet on a banal time gap;
  • An active participant in relevant thematic communities.

According to these characteristics, we can easily select a target audience in the social network to show the information banner, launch a marketing campaign in the respective communities.

We need to be where the target audience is the most!

Advertising in social media includes

Preparatory phase:

  • Processing and distribution of audience groups and nucleus, development of advertising strategy
  • Media plan and campaign budget
  • Development of the structure of the account

Launching of a publicity campaign in Connect/Facebook/Country class:

  • Creation of advertisements with various texts and pictures
  • Setting up an advertising campaign in line with agreed media plan (budget, geotraining, demographic characteristics of target audience)
  • Additional construction of a marketing advertisement for the most accurate target audience (interests, communities, education, posts, family status, etc. - individual for each network)
  • Determination and setting of an optimal initial rate

How much is it? Sociétés?

ARTOX media provides quality services for the construction, launch and marketing of social media.

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