Social Media Declarations

Social media marketing (SMM) - the process of attracting traffic or attention to brand or product through social platforms. It is a set of social media activities as channels for the promotion of companies and other business tasks.

SMM focuses on the creation of content that people will distribute through social networks on their own, without the participation of the organizer. Reports transmitted through social networks are considered to be more reliable for potential users. This is linked to the recommitment of social media through social ties that underpin interaction.

Social networking enables the target audience to be accurately affected, selecting areas where the audience is more representative and the most appropriate means of communication with it, with the least impact on people who are not interested in the advertisement.

It is important to note that SMM applies not only to goods and services. The media are actively using SMM technology. They create their scouts in social networks, place their content and thus collect subscribers (the readers of their produce).

Marketing in social media includes many methods of work. The most popular among them are the building of the Brenda communities (establishing company social media offices), blogosphere, reputational management, personal branding and non-standard tools.

There are two SMM strategies:

  • Covered;
  • Open.

Specialists identified some major errors in the use of SMM for the media:

  1. Absence of interaction in the comments (consultations) with subscribers;
  2. The unethical behaviour of the administrators in response to the negative comments of the subscribers;
  3. Removal of negative comments;
  4. Non-compliance with principles and laws;
  5. Use of one type of content.
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