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Social Media Coverage

ce024ad70a78fb271e57ac.jpgThe marketing of social media is one of the most active Internet-marketing channels. This is not surprising: according to the Adindex, some 91 per cent of Russian users spend time on social media. Among young users, this figure reaches 98 per cent and falls to 86 per cent for a more age group (45-50 years).


  • wide-ranging opportunities
  • Advertising only for target audience of goods or services
  • Low value of click
  • Good tools to analyse the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Why do you want to work with iConText?

  • Doing any tasks - from reducing the CPO to increasing the number of conversions from public service announcements
  • Achieve optimal prices for clicks (CPC) and action (CPA)
  • Set the performance parameters individually for each project
  • We don't take a commission to run publicity campaigns in the Contact.
  • Daily monitoring of the effectiveness of publicity campaigns, which optimizes costs
  • We work transparently, provide detailed publicity reports
  • Developments to increase the efficiency of positive campaigns through the automation of key work processes
  • Certified lead partners (Conact and )


The client ' s work is structured as follows:

  1. We're sending a breef to fill in to better understand the challenges that need to be addressed.
  2. We pick up the targetings and agree with you.
  3. Prepare the texts and the schedule for the announcements and send them to you for agreement.
  4. We're launching a campaign.
  5. We count on effectiveness.

In the course of the campaign, we regularly send screens of advertisements and detailed reports on the results of the campaign. The format, composition and frequency of reporting shall be agreed with each client individually.

1. Geographical targeting

Geographical staggering is directed to regions where advertising is planned for potential clients. Social networks use a geographical ranger to display only websites corresponding to the user region. The region is determined by ip-dress. Geothing technology is particularly relevant because of the rapid increase in mobile demand.

2. Temporary tagging

Many organizations do not work on weekends, and there is no need to advertise on weekends. It's not only a day to show, but even a time of day.

3. Demographic targeting

The most popular and effective targeting for use in social networks. Only users who meet certain requirements, such as sex, age, education, etc., are shown.

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