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Media Plans For Advertising

The term " meditation " itself arose at the end of 1994 in a scientific seminar held monthly by the V-ratio Research Centre at the RAN Institute of Sociology. Specialists in Moscow ' s leading advertising agencies development of advertising plans Campaigns, first joked around your professional prefabricated "Mediaplaner Club." Apparently, it's in line with a bunch of planetaries of the House of Pioneers. However, in the absence of a better, more concise and accurate reflection of the substance of the work, the term has lived and is already used in the professional press.

The essence of this is the connection of the American term "media," which refers to all means of advertising, including any media and external advertising, with the preferred domestic planning. This is the best way to plan the advertising budget when selecting advertising channels, to maximize the effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Here, in fact, advertising is becoming an exact science. And as any exact science, it requires precise indicators and coefficients that characterize "fair accounting."

The most important indicator of media planning is that of the ANNUAL RECLIMATION. The only thing she's measuring for the press is "per 1,000" (cost per thousand or S.R.T.). In the Western Advertisement, the similar figure is often referred to as "millane" (milline rate) and is calculated by adding the value of one line of ads, which is collected by the "agat printer, to 1 million copies of the newspaper circulation.

We have Calculation of $1,000 Next. First of all, we define the tariff for the page and the printing of the publication. It should be borne in mind, however, that in domestic practice advertising spaces are generally calculated in the print strips, from whole to 1/64 lanes.

Lower (mainly in the provincial press) advertising space in square centimetres. In fact, in a number of specialized advertising publications in Moscow recently, it has become "modest" to calculate the volume of advertising in mysterious "modules" that does not match the direct division of the print strip and the benefits of the editorials, as it makes it very difficult to verify the correctness of the calculations and prepare the originals for advertising agencies.

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