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Marketed Advertising

In February, I was asked by a client to help build a traded advertisement in Connectacte to promote online English language courses. Objective: To launch a campaign for the marketing of English schools, KPI: The cost of a subscription to a series of free lessons below 50 roubles per person is a challenge, or how I attracted clients from the WCO. The English language of the service is very popular and competition in social media is very strong. The average price of the subscriber in a series of free lessons at that time was 50 to 60 roubles per person. But the employer wanted to lower the price below 50 roubles, because it could give a good competitive advantage. As I found out, the main reason for expensive subscriptions was that most campaigns paid for the price of clicks. The evidence was quite expensive (15-20 roubles for transition). Therefore, even with good conversions, it gave a high price of signatures. First, I decided to share target audiences that would be interested in those courses. This would allow for the payment of the bids, and consequently lower the cost of the click. To this end, I used the programme [...]

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