Advertisement In Social Media

Social networks are the most popular kind of leisure. Almost everyone, from small to large, spends time online at home, during work or study, on the road. It's high-profile advertising through social media. There are several types of social media, each of which should be used for marketing purposes.

Categories of social media

Social networks are like interest clubs. There are several categories of social media.

  1. Social networks of a common format.

These are the most numerous social networks. These include Russian " Ontact " and " Classrooms " and English-speaking Facebook and Bebo. The main purpose of these resources is communication among people: communication, photographs, music, video. The website ' s declarations in the social media of this type may be made regardless of the target audience. You can ask for your terms. The second option is to move within thematic communities.

  1. Professional social networks.

Such networks are aimed at communication among members of a particular profession. It is often possible to find new jobs or staff members in their own firm. Professional networks publish corporate reports from work events, and news publications and press releases are often available in the tape. In the runway, the most popular networks of this format are my circle, “Professions” and”, while in English, XING and Linkedln are popular.

  1. Social networks in interest.

Also popular is the social media, which is the basis for a consortium of users in which the love of a genram of music, literature, TV series or films is the foundation. Two resources are the most popular among the Russians: MySpace and MyAnimeList is one of the world ' s leaders who have not yet begun work in Russia. Advertisement in social networks in interest suggests a certain thematicity.

Species of advertising in social media

There are other types of social media, but their spread is not widespread and attention has not been paid. It is much more important to consider in detail the types of ads in social media. So the placement of social media advertisements involves different technologies.

- Virus marketing.

Most often, viral ads involve the spread of video. To begin with, it is necessary to make “proposals” in specialized social networks (YouTube, Vimeo, RuTube). However, the distribution of material in other resources would not be impeded. For example, advertising in the " Ontact " thematic groups has a significant impact.

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