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Аудитория за неделюThe site was established in 2008 and is actively developing in the areas of nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

The site contains not only information material on the characteristics of many products of all major Russian producers, but also food supplements, vitamins and minerals. The site is designed for women ' s audience and people who are healthy.

  • We have an active audience on the website and social media.
  • More 1 700 000 Visitors a month, more than 8 000 000 000 Pages a month.
  • More than 6,000 products and more 15 000 The prescriptions that every woman needs.
  • We occupy 35 sites in the Dom and Family category.

Types advertising on the website and its value (discussed, detailed in the relevant sections):

BannerFormatCost per week, shirt.Cost per month, rub.*Weekly performance
Upper section No. 1468x90Аудитория за месяц58 790196 9901 700 000
Lower length No. 2468x9040 590133 7901 300 000
Banner to right No. 3240x40034 390109 590
Banner to right No. 426 79083 3901 000 000
Brandingsubstrate + low117 790384 7602 000 000

*/ For RA, 3 to 7 per cent may be discounted when the banner is located for 2 weeks.

References in articlesReferenceCost, shirt.
Article on advertising rightsUp to three.4 900
Article without direct advertising2 400
Reference to existing article1st.1 400
Social media anon (VK, OK, Fb, Twitter)300
Branding prescriptionCost, shirt.
New recipe from advertising2nd.2 900
New recipe from our authors.3 900
Recipe already available on the website
Soznet recipe anon (VK, OK, Fb, Twitter)250
Addendum of produceCost, rub.*
New product from manufacturer
New product from producer (with reference)1 700
Product already available on the website
Sozset product anon (VK, OK, Fb, Twitter)

* There are discounts depending on the number of products.

Sponsor for Section in ForumAll the time, rub.
1 week200
1 month400
2 months700
3 months900
Social media
3 units simultaneously

The full conditions for advertising in the selected category may be found to select the relevant section of the advertisement:

Banner advertising is used to maximize the number of turns of target visitors to your site and to draw attention to your brand. Details...

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