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SEO - поступательный процессDo you have your own business? Are you the owner of your company's corporate website? You have a question: " How important is it to move the Yandex site to attract more clients in your area of activity? " I-Media's specialists clearly believe that the Yandex site is one of the most important elements for the proper promotion of your business. However, there are some important features of this type of advertising.

Web site design features in Yandex

Результаты продвижения в Яндексе зависят от Вас1. The development of the Yandex site is an ongoing process.

Don't wait for a moment's impact after your project starts. On low-frequency requests, a tangible impact should occur in 1, 5 to 2 months, on average requests in 3 to 4 months and on high-frequency requests in 5 to 6 months. And if you want to move on high-frequency and very high-competitive requests, the timing of your withdrawal on such requests can be considerably greater than six months.

2. The progress of the Yandex sites depends on you first.

Clients who believe that the progress of their website depends solely on the quality of the optimization company ' s work are deeply wrong. The fact is that the Yandex search algorithms are very sensitive to your website architecture, tracking how unique the content is on your website, how often it is updated. In this regard, before you begin to move your website into the Yandex search system, you must firmly decide that you are willing to participate actively in the development of your Internet, a resource in accordance with the requirements of the optimization company.

We do not say that once a matter has been raised to reconcile the optimization company, it is necessary to leave and begin consideration of the matter. We understand very well that you have a lot of business to do. However, for one to three days, there is still a need for some of your precious time to answer questions about the progress of your favorite site. In the end, delaying deadlines can cost you a little bit.

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