The Ad On Your Website

The respected webmaster and website authors! We're suggesting that you have an advertisement on your website. Make real money on the Internet with your website! This proposal refers only to sites dispersed on the pay-as-you-go (Domen sites, etc., are not considered).

How much can you earn on your website every month?

The possible level of revenues from your website (in dollars per month) can be measured by the TIC (Tematical Index of Citing), which can be determined, for example. Inform the address (URL) of your website and press the button "Confirm!" Then there's a message on the page that's gonna be a phrase like "TIC (Yandex) 250." That means your website can make a profit of about $250 a month! Note that this is a very close estimate: depending on the many factors (page numbers, internal website relays, etc.), the income from the site can be much higher!

How do you make it?

To get the income from your website, you need to be located on your website. advertisementsand, more specifically, advertisements from other sites. Everything is done on perfectly legal grounds - only sites permitted by Russian law are advertised. No initial capital investment is required from you (except the support and development of your site, the provision of interesting materials for visitors); At the same time, the attendance of your site is irrelevant, only the parameters of your website and its indexation in search systems (Yandex and Google) are important!

How do you put the ad on your website?

There are two options:

1. You're switching and registering in the reference exchange system. Further, you are studying the rules of work with this system, getting the code that is posted on your website, setting up the necessary parameters for references (numbers, prices, etc.) and starting to generate income (through the Webmani system is automatic). Record. ♪ ♪

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