Фотографии организации

Site Commercial Company

Kant makes signs and other adverts, something that falls into the eye, attracts attention. For the company's website, we chose a bright style to be an activity. It predominates the large headings that show the firm ' s openness to its clients.

The colored solution is based on the logo, but it's a great combination of the general concept of the site. The main colors are positive yellow and blue.

Disein's ends are tagged by images of dark lighting structures. We have created " friendly " shapes with a smoothed angle so that the icons can fit into the overall site style.

We've added the site with animation.

Looking at the projects in a single bloc, photographs of different formats, comments on each of them - we created a slider with completed work for the front page. It contains selected projects (a special section for portfolio). The user first sees all the elements in the block and, if desired, may consider each of them.

The company ' s services are presented in a structured catalogue of illustrations and prices. The content of each section can be quantified at cost.

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