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Hello, Webmaster and website owners.
In these difficult times for our country, we decided to do this project to help our compatriots. We created.
You can call it charity, no matter. We'll help what we can do best - it's a hosting. We have experience in the hosting market and we can afford such a project, both organizationally and financially.

Single Free Free FreeHostiMan:
Disk: 2000 Mb
Sait/house/FTP/OBD: 2
Maximum load of processor: 20%
Operational memory: 256 Mb
Number of processes: 35
One-six MySQL connections: 50
MySQL requests: not limited
MySQL connections per hour: 100,000
Letters sent per hour: 50
LVE: 10
Screening time: 30 seconds

The requirement for a photo of the identity document is only dictated by the fact that, in experience, we know how many complaints (abuses) come to pay. Without these measures, you can multiply this number by 10 for free host♪ We don't want to do a good job, spend our personal time solving these problems, either. We are also categorically opposed to our services using bad webmasters and posting illegal or questionable (serial) sites. Any game projects are banned!
Why do we demand a photo of the document on the back of our website? Because there's a large number of regular copies on the grid, and 300 rubles, for example, can buy a full package of copies of all passport pages.

For webmasters and Forumers Accumulated (date registration, many reports, positive reputation) in forums: , , maultalk.com and some others, activation of services is done without a photo of the document.

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