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Free Advertising Of The Site

Internet Reclamation Centre

Visitors ' guarantees - for each site exchange point, the system automatically sends to one customer ' s site. More points, more visitors. This is the basic principle of the exchange system.
Efficiency - With customer exchange systems, websites receive 10 to 20 times (!) more active Users (i.e. users interested in website content) than participation in banner exchange systems.
Visits statistics - accurate visiting statistics help to streamline the website advertising strategy.
Free participation - no payment, no commitment.

The Internet Reclam Center offers one of the most effective ways to unlock the site. The site is entirely free of charge to a wider range of Internet users. This is a much more effective way. website advertisementsmore than a banner: every 100 bunners account for an average of 0.3 to 0.5 clicks per binner (and so many visitors to the site are not necessarily active). In the meantime, every 100 web sites in the visitors ' exchange system provide the website with exactly the same visitors, of whom at least 4-5 are interested in the content of the site (such statistics). Why change banners if it's more efficient to change customers!

The proposed advertising system works very correctly, the only additional window only shows when the customer moves on the reference! In addition, additional windows for each site visitor are shown at 5 minutes or more! We take care of the reputations of the participants and keep the nerves of the websites! More information about the system can be found here.

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