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Regulations For External Advertising

Реализация дизайнерских идейIf, earlier, every entrepreneur was more likely to think about someone who better order a commercial, he is also concerned about the rules for placing an outside advertisement. Well, now that you're in violation, you can pay a big fine, a sign and any other commercial design can be dismantled, and you're still gonna have to pay the employees for the dismantlement. If you don't like the prospect, go to a company that has the necessary information.

Elements of the sign

Today, signs may consist of such elements:

Text or information field.Decorational artistic elements.

The height of the latter shall not exceed 5 times the height of the text.

IPs and organizations can now place such designs on flat sections of facade, i.e. those that are free from architectural elements. If there are several signs from different organizations on one facade, they shall be placed on a single horizontal line.

For base and basement floors, there are rules: the designs may be placed above the windows but not less than 0.6 m from the ground to the lower edge of the sign.

правила размещения наружной рекламыConsolidation structures may be located in one horizontal plane of façade, on the front or outside of the building, as well as the arc of structures and structures. However, the distance between the individual marks shall not be less than 10 metres, and the distance from the lower edge of the console structure to the ground shall not be less than 2,5 metres.

Design dimensions

  • For wall designs: 70 per cent of the length of the whole facade, height 0, 50 m (exclusion - positioning of the wall sign on the Freze).
  • For consolation on the facades of cultural heritage sites and buildings constructed before 1952 inclusive: width not more than 0.50 m, height not exceeding 0.50 m.
  • For information signs on beverages, food and other foodstuffs: length not exceeding 0, 60 m, height not exceeding 0, 80 m


Vitrine structures shall be located on the outside/inside of the glazing. The maximum size of the hinges (including screens and any other electronic media) shall not exceed 1⁄2 of the total glazing at height or 1⁄2 of the glazing in its length.

For those hinges that are placed on the outside of the window: the length does not exceed the glazing, the height is not more than 0, 40 m.

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