Рекламный щит 3х6м

Off-Board Advertising

Len OblReklama. Outdoor advertising throughout Leningrad, St. Petersburg

  • St. Petersburg, Colpino, Oct.bran, 8, RCK OCA, sect. 43
  • Lena Oblereklama Advertising Agency. Installation of billboards in customer selection locations, installation of consoles on street lighting poles. All kinds of ads on y/d in the stations and relocations. Shields 3x6 of all AS of the CTC

Our services.

Information on the LinOblReklam advertising agency

The Lenobl-reklama Advertising Agency will help you develop an effective publicity campaign in St. Petersburg and Len regionalia:

  • select the most suitable advertising base from the existing database
  • Approve the optimal size of the advertising design (from A1 to 5x12 m)
  • Location of shields at any location as desired by the client, as well as the possibility of placing advertisements on the AS of the CRT, road lighting or rail stations and crossings

External advertising

Outdoor advertising is increasingly active in its field. She's everywhere, don't throw her out as an ad leaf from the mailbox, not switch it off, press the button on the TV remote. When we go to work or work, or drive a car to the AZ, each of us will notice a billboard. And there's a great chance that we're interested in this ad.

Specialists from the LenObleReklam Advertising Agency will select an individual targeted programme to conduct an advertising campaign in St. Petersburg and suburbs throughout Leningrad oblast, taking into account your wishes.

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